Thursday, September 29, 2005

Steelers Jersey

I'm still on my quest to find a unique Steelers jersey. There is no way that I will wear my two current jerseys: Kordell Stewart and Kendrell Bell. As soon as I bought the jerseys, their Steelers career went downhill (Stewart because he was a mediocre QB and Bell due to injures). Therefore, I will not buy a jersey of any current Steelers in fear that something bad will happen. I've been searching for a Louis Lipps, Rod Woodson or John Stallworth jersey. Woodson & Stallworth jerseys are available on EBay, but I haven't found any that I liked (or won). My new idea is to big on this Steve Bono jersey.

I may also try to go for Illawarra Steelers rugby jersey, if one becomes available.


Anonymous said...

last year in my (futile at the time) quest to find a black #43 (polamalu) jersey, I managed to find jerseys for ricardo colclough, amos zeroeue, mark bruener and chad scott... finally in august I managed to find one polamalu at the waterfront dick's... luckily, it was an appropriate size... have you looked into having one custom made?

Sean said...

A Chad Scott jersey? I can't see that being a best seller.

I'm not sure that I'm interested in having a custom made jersey. Not only do they tend to be more expensive, but the Steelers uniform has changed slightly over the years. Therefore, the Lipps or Stallworth jersey from the 80s is different than the current jersey.