Thursday, September 15, 2005

Prison Break Haircut

I got a haircut the other night, and I now look like I would fit in nicely with the cast of Fox's Prison Break. Maybe it's not THAT short, but it's not far from it. My barber/stylist finished cutting my hair in about four minutes. I figured that since it took such a short amount of time for him to cut my hair, he must not have cut enough. Note to self...find a new place to go besides Hair Cuttery.

Speaking of Prison Break, something does not seem right (actually there are many things, but I'm just going to focus on one). From my experience watching movies involving prison (Green Mile, Dead Man Walking, Silence of the Lambs), the folks on death row tend to be completely isolated from the general prison population. Not on Prison Break where the lead character's brother (who is on death row) is able to be outside and be on work duty with everyone else.


Archi said...

Hmm. Hair Cuttery sounds like it would be in the mall, in one of those kiosks next to "Things Remembered." :)

Sean said...

Close. It's in a shopping center next to a Starbucks, Hallmark store and near a grocery store and Blockbuster. Hair Cuttery is similar to Fantastic Sam's or Supercuts.