Sunday, September 11, 2005

Great Sunday

A Steelers victory always makes a Sunday and weekend great. I love having football back, especially with an impressive Steelers win against the Tennessee Titans. The Steelers may have played a perfect game. After giving up a touchdown on the Titans' first possession of the game, the defense played great, Willie Parker had 161 yards rushing and Big Ben looked 1000 times better than he did during the preseason.

Plus, today marked the season premier of The Simpsons, and the US Open tennis final of Roger Federer and Andre Agassi was fun to watch.

Just a great day to sit on the couch. Well, until Fox's "The War at Home" started. Not a great show, but at least I can switch to more football.


Andy said...

It was great hanging with you and Jason for the game! Good times.

Sean said...

You're welcome to come by anytime for a Steelers game, especially if you snacks again. :)