Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Random Ramblings II

Continued from last night...

- As sports fans and even many non-sports fans already know, Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for steroids, becoming the first major baseball player to do so. He was a probable (if not definite) Hall-of-Fame player before this took place. Now there are some question marks. Palmeiro testified before Congress in March saying "I have never used steroids. Period." The even bigger question is whether or not Viagra will keep Palmeiro as its spokesman.

- In a statement that sounded very similar, Brian O'Neill of the Post-Gazette today asked Pirates managing general partner Kevin McClatchy if he was going to sell the team (since payroll is low, attendance and profits are up and the All-Star Game will in Pittsburgh in 2006). McClatchy said the team's board of directors "has never once had a discussion about selling the Pirates. Period. I can't say that strong enough."

- Just in general, people shouldn't use period in a sentence. Period!

- Only a few people will get this, but I heard "Boom! Shake the Room" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince twice this weekend. I used to hear this song every Saturday night at a dance at camp along with "Summertime" and "Joy and Pain" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. Oh yeah, and "Jump Around" by House of Pain. The DJ played the same songs every single week. Good times!

- It looked extremely odd seeing coverage of the Bassmaster Classic from Pittsburgh over the weekend. I never thought of Pittsburgh being the home of a major fishing tournament. I'm guessing many viewers thought the same thing since the commentators kept talking about how big the outdoors is in Western Pennsylvania. They illustrated this point by stating that many school are closed for the first day of deer hunting season. My school district was and is one of them.


Sarah said...

Isn't that the best? The Monday after Thanksgiving was a holiday because of...deer hunting season. One of the things I miss about western PA.

Sean said...

I don't know if I miss that about Western PA. Now if we got off work because of deer hunting season, that would be different.

Anonymous said...

doesn't the use of steriod effect the use of a certain part of male anatomy? If so we now know why "raffy" as president bush refers to him needed viagra.