Monday, August 08, 2005

Catching Up

I've been at a meeting for work the past few days, so I have a few things I wanted to share from the past few days (and in some cases weeks).

- According to the Post-Gazette, Steelers running back Duce Staley will be out for a month, or around the start of the regular season. While I hope that the Bus can carry the load until Duce is healthy, I really think that Verron Haynes is going to come up big.

- In the other Steelers story, Hines Ward is still holding out. The Steelers will not renegotiate a new contract unless Ward is at training camp. Ward will not report to camp until he has a new contract. You can see the problem here. They really need to work this out! It will not be good if Lee Mays is a critical part of the Steelers offense.

- Want more Pittsburgh sports discussion? I like the Penguins (yes, hockey is back) signings of Ziggy Palffy and Sergei Gonchar. The Penguins are really putting together the all first-name team with Ziggy, Sidney, Lasse, Brooks, Konstantin, Rico, Milan and Mark.

- I'm currently watching pre-season football. It seems odd since it was 90 today, but it's great.

- In watching part of VH1's new show, Hogan Knows Best, the Hulkster was inducted into the Wresting Hall of Fame. First, I never knew there was a Wrestling Hall of Fame. Second, some of the old wrestlers and wrestling people were there like St. Slaughter, The Iron Sheik, Mean Gene and Jimmy the Mouth of the South. They all look old. Oh and Hulk wrestled as part of Wrestlemania 21. I think I remember watching Wrestlemania 1.

- Touchdown Bears (Thomas Jones)!. I feel like I'm doing scouting for fantasy football. Oh, I need to find a league to join. I'm only in one league right now and I'd like to be in 3 this year. Between this and my two fantasy baseball leagues, I realize that I may (or do) have a problem.

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