Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Date With Drew

It's a little odd for me to discuss movies on back-to-back posts, but I need some information. There is a movie coming out on Friday called My Date With Drew about a guy who has a crush on Drew Barrymore and tries to ask her out. The guy, Brian Hertzlinger, is an Ithaca College graduate like me and my friend Christian, who first told me about the movie. From looking at the website, I discovered that director, producer and editor Brett Winn and Jon Gunn along with Brian (they all have the same title) are also Ithaca College grads. My first question is do I know any of these guys? My second question is has anyone heard anything about this movie? Since there are IC people prominently involved I am hoping it is good and does well. Jason, since you have been reviewing movies lately, have you heard anything about this one?


Anonymous said...

hey sean, if i saw this yesterday i would have wrote then. here's what i heard: this is a gorilla-style documentary (meaning no real permits to film, something i'm quite familiar with having been stopped by nypd while shooting two films) where your friend records his quest to score a date with drew using an expensive camera from circut city (which must return within 30 days or actually be forced to pay for it) and the 1100 dollars he won in a game show.
don't know much else, no one i know in the business has mentioned anything about it. if you see it, lemme know.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article I read:

Sean said...

USA Today gave it 3 starts out of 4. The reviews I've read so far seem to be positive. I feel like I know the primary actor, but I'm really not sure.