Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has really become mainstream. While there have been magazines and websites for fantasy football for several years, the primary pre-game shows on both ESPN and Fox had drafts on TV this year. I feel like I'm way ahead of the trend! Anyway, here are my rosters if you're interested (and even if you're not)

League #1
There are 14 teams in this league (way too many, but better than 16 from last year). The players listed below are by round and overall.
1. (5) Willis McGahee (RB BUF)
2. (24) Torry Holt (WR STL)
3. (33) Mike Anderson (RB DEN)
4. (52) Darrell Jackson (WR SEA)
5. (61) Jerry Porter (WR OAK)
6. (80) Jason Witten (TE DAL)
7. (89) Carson Palmer (QB CIN)
8. (108) Carolina Panthers (DST CAR)
9. (117) Jerome Bettis (RB PIT)
10. (136) Mewelde Moore (RB MIN)
11. (145) Brian Griese (QB TB)
12. (164) Tyrone Calico (WR TEN)
13. (173) John Kasay (K CAR)
14. (192) Marcus Robinson (WR MIN)
15. (201) Jeb Putzier (TE DEN)

League #2 - 10 teams
1. (1) LaDanian Tomlinson (RB SD)
2. (20) Rudi Johnson (RB CIN)
3. (21) Torry Holt (WR STL)
4. (40) Javon Walker (WR GB)
5. (41) Marc Bulger (QB STL)
6. (60) Michael Clayton (WR TB)
7. (61) Fred Taylor (WR JAC) - Yes, I know it's Fred Taylor
8. (80) Randy McMichael (TE MIA)
9. (81) Lee Evans (WR BUF)
10. (100) New York Jets Defense
11. (101) Thomas Jones (RB CHI)
12. (120) Rod Smith (WR DEN)
13. (121) Jake Delhomme (QB CAR)
14. (140) L.J. Smith (TE PHI)
15. (141) Greg Jones (RB JAC)
16. (160) Jeff Reed (K PIT)

Feel free to comment and to make fun of my Fred Taylor pick.


Anonymous said...
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Sean said...

I got three anonymous comments that all had links to other links/blogs. I've never had a spam comment before, and they have been deleted. Has anyone else had problems with this before?

Sean said...

Yes, it was comment spam. So now I have the word verification option on. According to Blogger, this prevents automated systems from adding comments to your blog, since it takes a human being to read the word and pass this step. The comment spam is done automatically by software which can't pass the word verification.

And I thought a lot of people wanted to talk about my fantasy football teams! :)