Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back From Florida

I had a very nice four-day weekend, and am almost ready for the work week. Here are a few notes from the trip to Jacksonville:

- I was on A1A constantly during the trip. While the road is best known for being a major route through the entire state, I thought of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby every time I saw the sign ("so I continued to a1a beachfront ave").

- I also passed several Huddle House restaurants. Even though the website says that the restaurant celebrated its 40th anniversary, it still seemed like a Waffle House knock-off.

- While swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, I had a "Spring Break Shark Attack" moment. A woman (not a lifeguard, just some random beachgoer) advised us to get out of the water when she saw several fish jumping out of the water. According to her, the only reason they were jumping out of the water was because something bigger was chasing it. It seemed like a perfect time for me to lie on the beach and read.

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