Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Being Political

First, I wanted to provide an update in regard to my sister-in-law's friend's family. I don't know the specific details but everyone is OK and either in or on the way to Houston where they have family.

I'm usually not very political here because I enjoy talking more about my life and random TV shows, music and movies. However, Arianna Huffington had an interesting article on her blog titled The Flyover Presidency of George W. Bush. (I wish I could come up with catchy titles like that). Anyway, Huffington (who I always thought was on the conservative side of the spectrum) blasted Bush for flying over the hurricane damage and then returning directly to DC. For better or worse, in times of crisis we look for our political leaders to well, lead. See Rudy Giuliani. For all of President Clinton's faults, he always seemed to be around and on the scene anytime there was a natural disaster. Even after his presidency, Clinton was in New York at Ground Zero before President Bush during 9-11. Why is President Bush not around? I guess we should we be happy that he cut his month-long vacation in Crawford short.

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