Monday, August 15, 2005

More Reality

For someone who doesn't like most reality shows and the fact that reality shows have taken over TV, I seem to write a lot about them. There are two shows that are premiering soon that I find intriguing. The first is NBC's Tommy Lee Goes to College. Here is the show's bio: Lee enrolls at The University of Nebraska at Lincoln and struggles just like any other (famous rock star) student to balance academics with extra-curricular pursuits, his new roommate Matt and a distractingly attractive tutor named Natalie. As someone who spent several years working in student affairs, I am interested in seeing how the staff and students react to Tommy Lee on campus. How does he behave? Does he take classes seriously? Does he give his RA a hard time? Does he get involved in student activities (I assume marching band)? The debut is tomorrow night, and I'm probably going to miss it.

The second show is ABC's Commander in Chief debuting this fall. Geena Davis is going to be the President. I'm really surprised that the Bush administration was OK with this, but I guess they are looking for some new ideas to help with the current approval rating.

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