Sunday, May 08, 2005

Weekend Notes

I had a nice trip to Pittsburgh this weekend. Nothing extremely exciting; just nice to visit family. I did have a few thoughts from the weekend that I wanted to share...

- It's interesting to see Houston Astros Mike Lamb is also running for Pittsburgh's mayor. I don't know how he has the time for both.

- This may be the first and only time this ever happens. There was NO construction on the PA Turnpike between Breezewood and Monroeville in either direction. Inconceivable! There are actually signs on the turnpike saying tax dollars at work, the construction has been completed one year ahead of schedule.

- I like chocolate and I like Lucky Charms, but I'm not so sure about Chocolate Lucky Charms. It was on sale so I'm going to try it. I'll keep you posted.

- I know I'm not the first person to make this observation, but the Pirates (13-17) have a better record than the Yankees (13-19). That's just nice to type. I wonder if the fire Joe Torre campaign is just as intense as the fire Lloyd McClendon one.

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