Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Trip to the DMV

My cab to the airport is not picking me up for another 30 minutes. Therefore, I was able to spend some quality time this morning at the Department of Motor Vehicles. What a wonderful place! A place where you can interact with people of all cultures and backgrounds. Where everyone is friendly and smiling. In reality, a place where a guy who was taking one of the pre-driving tests was actually caught cheating today. How? He had someone with him to translate the questions. Apparently, the translator (not a DMV employee, just some guy who came with the guy taking the test) was also giving him the answers. One of the DMV employees who speaks four languages heard the translator giving the answers, and the guy failed. The translator/translatee (if this is a word) left without incident, although I was hoping that the security guard, who told me the whole story, would tackle the cheaters and take them out back.

Anyway, my driver's license is not renewed until May of 2010. Plus, my height remains OFFICIALLY at 5'7" even though I'm really closer to 5'6 & 1/2"

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