Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekend Observations

* I went to a very nice fine arts festival on Saturday. I think the difference between an arts festival and a "fine" arts festival is at the latter, most people will not be able to afford the art. I did see a very nice sculpture for $17,000. Sculpture or car? I'll go with a car.

* One of the highlights of the festival was giant sculptures of fruit. My wife heard a parent tell her kid not to kiss the fruit. I guess it's good to love art from a young age.

* Both of my fantasy baseball teams are terrible. I'm really close to giving up on the season and it's not even Memorial Day. When does fantasy football start?

* I watched the Preakness yesterday, which was a great race. However, with Afleet Alex's near fall, one of my favorite parts of racing didn't happen. I love when the announcer says "and down the stretch they come!" That's got to be one of the best lines in sports and life.

* I also watched the show Coupling on BBC America for the first time this weekend. I realize the show has been around many years and the American version bombed, but it's a very funny show.

* I need some advice. While being a soccer referee this weekend, I was smart enough to actually remember my sunscreen. However, I'm a little red on the top of my forehead and scalp, where my hair is not as thick as it used to be. Am I supposed to put sunscreen in my hair?

* I overheard a mother of a 9 year-old girl in today's soccer game yelling at the kid to push the opponent. Nice sportsmanship!

* I haven't done a lyric of the week for a while, so here's one I heard on the radio today. The lyric is from the 1999 (I think) song "Better Days" by Citizen King.

"I've seen the better days. I've been the star of many plays." I'm guessing that the singer was also the star of many musicals, but days and plays were easier to rhyme.

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