Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spice Girls News

Major news...the Spice Girls may be reuniting to perform at Live Aid II. While I realize that the Spice Girls are viewed primarily as a joke these days, I think they are extremely underrated. Did you know they had 9 #1 hits in the UK? I remember hearing that they share the record (with a group called the Beatles) of consecutive #1 hits to start a career. For better or worse, they have had a huge affect on popular culture. They changed the pop music world. Seriously. The "girl power" motto had a huge impact on the performers who debuted during and right after their tenure: Britney, Christina, Jessica and Mandy Moore. Everyone knew that they weren't the best singers but it was about catchy songs and they entertained the audience. It was part singing/part acting, but all entertaining.

They were brought together during an audition process. The Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync were major stars following their mold. While those two bands may have been created more in the New Kids template, would someone have tried to do that same formula without the Spice Girls' success? Anyway, the Spice Girls were formed (or at least managed) by a guy named Simon Fuller. While I can't stand the show, you may know Fuller as the creator of American Idol, who was only watched by 29+ million people. It may be a bit of a stretch, but the Spice Girls may be somewhat responsible for reality shows where people compete for jobs (American Idol, Making the Band, The Apprentice, The Contender, etc.)

Or maybe I just like the song Wannabe!

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