Monday, May 30, 2005

May Updates

I've covered a wide variety of topics over the past month, and wanted to give an update of some of the things written here.

* Thanks to everyone for the Coupling comments. Although I have only watched four episodes, I really enjoy the show. I did a little research and found that the first four seasons are on DVD. It's a very odd DVD cover since it includes the primary characters from the first three seasons and the guy who starts in Season 4. It looks like they were all there from the beginning.

* I need to thank Christine for correcting what is said for the bubble wrap website. I thought the woman's voice says "must have war." Apparently, it is "must have more." Either way, it's pretty creepy. I'm not endorsing visiting the website (although popping bubble wrap is fun), but here is the link. As a side note, the website is from Latvia. I have no idea how I now have links to a website in Latvia and one in Indonesia. Maybe I'm becoming the UN of blogs.

* I was a referee for a pretty big soccer tournament over the weekend. Putting sunscreen in my hair seems to have worked as I'm not red and burned. The sunscreen also seems to work like hair gel.

* Although it was technically from April, I took some of the book suggestions from Marc & Nick. Augustine Burroughs (author of Running with Scissors) had a really screwed up childhood. I wasn't ready to go right into his second book, but will probably read it later this summer. I'm almost finished with Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horowitz. I've always been a big history fan, so the Civil War history part has been really intriguing. The people Horowitz meets are fascinating even if many of their views are a little (or a lot) out there. Hitchhiker's Guide is probably next on my book list.

* The home warranty company may pay for the repairs to the refrigerator. Here's my question. Let's say the cost of the parts and labor is $500. It makes sense to me to see if the company will give us $250-$300 towards a brand new one. It would save the company a few hundreds bucks and they won't have to be responsible for the refrigerator if there are future problems (which there probably will be with an old fridge). Do warranty companies do this?

Have a good week!!

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