Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars Commercials

On Wednesday of this week, Dan mentioned that he finds the current Darth Vader Burger King commercials hilarious. I completely agree and also like the Diet Pepsi commercials featuring Yoda. However, I think I've found the best commercial on TV. Unfortunately, I'm guessing no one outside of the DC metropolitan area and the state of Virginia has seen it. The commercial is for the Virginia lottery's new "hot scratchers" (which is a phrase that can sound bad out of context). Anyway, the commercial features a fake band singing a song called I'm So Hot, going along with the "hot" theme of the new scratchers. The band is a combination of Right Said Fred (the group who sang I'm Too Sexy)/Mike Myers' Saturday Night Live character, Dieter. I'm trying to find the lyrics of the song, but have had no luck. When I find them, I'll post it. It's very funny.

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