Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Random Stuff

- To celebrate being able to eat real food again, we went out to Uno's tonight. I haven't been to Uno's in many months, but the restaurant is trying to show that it is classier by having the wait-staff wear ties and not name tags. So how do you remember the name of your waiter or waitresses? They hand-write their names on cocktail napkins. Mike was unforgettable throughout the meal.

- I noticed two Alaska license plates in the park-n-ride parking lot today. If you are driving all the way to Northern Virginia from Alaska, you may as well drive the extra few miles to DC.

- I don't talk about the NBA very often, but I like the Washington Wizards decision to suspend Kwame Brown for the rest of the playoffs. He missed several practices and I believe last night's playoff game because of an alleged stomach virus. He has been a total bust here in DC as the #1 overall pick. He could do well somewhere else, but it's not happening here.

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