Thursday, March 08, 2012

Am I Strange? (TMI Thursday)

Before you answer this question, I’m going to give you three scenarios of things that I do.

1. The Mustard Protocol

Since I make a sandwich at work most days, I keep a container of mustard in the office refrigerator. I also have mustard in my home refrigerator as part of my normal condiment selection. When I run out of mustard at the office, I always replace it with the mustard in my home refrigerator. Essentially, my mustard goes on a journey: Grocery store to cabinet; cabinet to home refrigerator after opening; home refrigerator to office refrigerator. Is this odd to have an unofficial protocol for my mustard usage?

2. Procedure for Cutting Toe Nails

Before I clip my toe nails, I feel the need to soak my feet in water. While this occasionally occurs as part of the shower, at least half the time I’ll grab something to read and dip my feet into the bathtub. I think this originated from when I was younger and used to cut my toe nails with manicure scissors rather than use nail clippers.

(These are not my toe nails. Plus, how is having toe nails this long ever a good idea?)

3. The Bathroom Location Game

Every once in a while, I’ll play the game of trying to figure out where I spent the most time. Generally, I go by state meaning that I spent the most time in Pennsylvania followed by Virginia, New York, Ohio and California (DC probably finishes in 6th but Maryland, Florida and West Virginia also earn honorable mentions.) However, sometimes I go a step further and try to figure out what bathrooms I have used the most. The bathrooms in the Pittsburgh home where I grew up are easily #1 and #2 (ha!). However, things get tricky after that. Does the bathroom in my previous home finish 3rd or is it the bathroom in my office building earn the bronze medal? Do I need to consider each urinal/bathroom stall separately or should I just go with the bathroom as a whole? That could significantly change the answer. Regardless, I wish there was some statistic on this.

(I typed bathroom map into Google images, and this was the result.)

Back to the original question, are any or all of these things strange? Am I on an island here or is this not unusual?

Although I haven't done a TMI Thursday in some time, feel free to click here for some truly amazing or not-so-amazing stories.

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lacochran's evil twin said...

When you keep the mustard in the bathroom while you're cutting your toenails... then we'll talk strange.