Monday, March 19, 2012

National Love

When we last checked in with the highly successful rapper Pitbull, we noted that he displayed his lyrical skills by rhyming Kodak with Kodak. Since that time, "Mr. 305" earned 11 2012 Billboard Latin Music Award nominations and VH1 featured him on a recent Behind the Music episode. He also teamed up with Chris Brown (probably not the former Tennessee Titans Running Back) for the single International Love. Let's take a look at Pitbull's latest masterpiece.

You Put It Down Like New York City
I Never Sleep
Wild Like Los Angeles
My Fantasy
Hotter Than Miami
I Feel The Heat
Ohh Miss International Love

This is the chorus. Now, I acknowledge that my geography skills are probably average at best; however, the chorus features three cities: New York City, Los Angeles & Miami. Therefore, shouldn't Pitbull rename the song National Love or American Love? You can't throw in London, Tokyo or Paris in the chorus?

The song also featured two more lines I feel the need to share.

In Lebanon Yeah The Women Are Bomb

I feel like referring to people or things as "bomb" or "the bomb" stopped in 2000.

And in Greece, you've guessed it, the women are sweet

I didn't guess it. My guess would have had something to do with the Greek economy. Is Pitbull making some type of reference to baklava? I hope Pitbull isn't attempting to rhyme Greece and sweet. I think he should have tried peace, hairpiece, geese, crease or fleece. Here are my two suggestions for the remix:

1. And the women in Greece like to wear fleece
2. And in Greece, the women like Marc-Andre Fleury in the crease

Perhaps, I'm not qualified to be a rapper.

Anyway, despite some odd lyrics, Pitbull knows how to create catchy songs. Enjoy.

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