Monday, March 26, 2012

The Perfect Bar Mitzvah Gift

When I celebrated my Bar Mitzvah approximately 125 years ago (give or take one hundred years), adults constantly joked about whether I received fountain pens as gifts. I laughed, but I truly didn’t understand what they were talking about. Now that I’m an adult, I still don’t understand the significance of fountain pens related to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. If anyone knows, please enlighten me.

Anyway, leave it to Sylvester Stallone to design the perfect fountain pen that even 13 year-olds could enjoy.

Here’s a description of the pen:

Montegrappa Pens recently released a limited edition pen co-designed by Sylvester Stallone called the Chaos., an online industry leader among pen collectors, says this pen exhibits elegance and the essence of Montegrappa's history and prestige. The Chaos Limited Edition honors the style and panache of the action-packed Sylvester Stallone while possessing the balance of elegance and function of a luxury fountain pen. 1000 of the pens will be made of silver and start at $4,965 with 10 fountain and 10 roller pens being crafted of 18 karat gold with precious stones. (emphasis added)

That’s right, you can have a Sylvester Stallone pen for only $4,965! That’s not a decimal, it’s a comma. So who buys a $5,000 pen? The only way I would consider purchasing a $5,000 pen is if the pen wrote whatever I said. And in calligraphy! I would tell my pen what to write and this magical pen would put everything that I say on paper and in perfect handwriting. I wonder if the pen could type all of my blog posts too. For $5,000, I say yes! Thanks Sly, for designing a magic pen and a wonderful Bar Mitzvah gift!

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