Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates Sign Rambo

After a 22-year absence from the organization, the Pittsburgh Pirates resigned outfielder Mike Diaz to a two-year, $4.25 million deal. Although I’m concerned about Diaz’s age and the fact that he hasn’t played in 20+ years, I’m excited that “Rambo” is back! Either my brother or I (or both of us) had a “Rambo” poster where instead of Stallone and guns, the picture was of Mike Diaz and baseballs. It was awesome, but sadly, I can’t find a picture online. I hope they create a 2010 version.

I’m sorry. I just learned that the Pirates actually signed Matt Diaz (pronounced Dye-As) formerly of the Atlanta Braves. I am less excited since he seems to pronounce his name incorrectly. However, if we all agree to call the new Diaz, Rambo, Rambo II or Rambo Jr., I think I’ll be okay with this. There’s more about this signing in the Post-Gazette.

Since I’m already on the subject of the Pirates, let’s look back at some predictions for the 2010 season made back in April. Our experts were Matt of Pittsburgh Lumber Co., Brad of This is Getting Old, Captain Easychord of Corsairs Affairs. Rob of my fantasy baseball league and me.

Andrew McCutchen’s stats (batting average, HRs, RBIs, stolen bases)
Actual: .286, 16 HRs, 56 RBIs, 33 SBs. I’ll give Captain the edge here with his prediction of .277/13/63/33

What current player will be traded before the end of the season?Captain and Rob both predicted Dotel. Rob also guessed Church. No credit given for the guesses of Iwamura and Donnelly.

Who will lead the team in wins?
Matt, Rob & I all correctly predicted Paul Maholm. Unfortunately, for us Maholm, and the Pirates, he only had 9 wins. Brad probably wants his pick of Charlie Morton stricken from the records.

Will John Russell get ejected during the season?
He actually got ejected twice. Matt was the only one of us to guess that this would happen, though he predicted only once.

Season prediction
The Bucs finished 57-105. Rob was closest with a guess of 65-97. The rest of us were way too optimistic in guessing 73 to 77 wins.

This will likely be my last Pittsburgh Pirates post in a while, unless the team signs someone named Matt LaValliere. I think we need another Spanky!

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