Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sean Analyzes Popular Song Lyrics

Although I’m in my 30s, I like to keep track of music that the kids listen to these days. You know, I think this Lady Gaga could have a future. Only a few people know of her now, but she could be the next big star. Anyway, here are lyrics of songs from this year and my thoughts about said lyrics.

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me

I used up all my tricks,
I hope that you like this.
but you probably won't,
you think you're cooler than me.

So let me understand this, Mike. You used all of your tricks, but the girl still doesn't like you, and the reason is because she thinks that she is cooler than you? Maybe it's you. Maybe you're a jerk and that's why she doesn't like you. Try to be yourself and that could help. Of course, maybe she is cooler than you.

Taylor Swift – Mine

Braced myself for the goodbye
Cause that's all I've ever known
And you took me by surprise
You said I'll never leave you alone

I think Taylor (we're on a first-name basis) wrote this as a romantic song, but this last line sounds a bit, well, stalker-ish.

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

I'ma get your heart racing
In my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight

Teenage dream? No Katy, you're the adult dream for many folks.

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me

You know I know how
To make 'em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now

I have no idea what the first two lines mean, so I'm just focusing on the last sentence. You know what the club can't even handle me right now means? It means that that he was an uncontrollable drunk and the bouncers kicked him out. The club can't handle him is a fancy way of saying that.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Sean Analyzes Popular Song Lyrics. Please join us again whenever I can figure out the lyrics of more songs.

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