Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

If you're on vacation, I'm sure that you could use something to stimulate your mind this week. If you're at work, it's likely quiet so perhaps you can take a few minutes participate in a few quizzes. With that, I am proud to present Trivia Tuesday featuring three Sporcle games. Good luck!

1. Name the Wide Receivers with 1000+ Receiving Yards in a Season (2000-2009). You have 9 minutes to complete this quiz. I scored a 169 out of 199. Amazingly, Limas Sweed did not make the cut.

2. In 8 minutes, name the towns of these Universities and Colleges? I may have shared this one in the past, but regardless, this is definitely in my wheel-house. I scored a 29 of 30.

3. Finally, you have 9 minutes to name the singers or groups who had these hit singles in three or more decades? I scored what I believe to be a respectable 33 of 40.

Your turn. Take one, two or all three quizzes and share your results in the comments section below.


Amy said...

My friend Frank, a music junkie, got 40 of 40 in quiz #3 in under 3 minutes!

Sean said...

I'm really impressed by Frank's music score. He really knew Paul Anka?

Amy said...

Yes, he knows everything. :) Didn't even need both the title and year really...

I sent it to my dad too, who should also do fairly well, but I haven't heard back his score yet.