Friday, December 03, 2010

Alec Baldwin Loves Wegmans

There's probably not much that Alec Baldwin and I have in common. Yes, we probably both like 30 Rock (he has to like 30 Rock, right?), but he's an A-list actor who has won two Emmy awards, was nominated for an Oscar, dated Michelle Pfeiffer and Ally Sheedy and was married to Kim Basinger, regularly hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared in two Simpsons episodes. Meanwhile, I am not an A-list actor (yet), though I had some memorable roles in my high school musicals. However, there is one thing that we definitely have in common: a love of Wegmans grocery stores. Don't believe me? Check out these videos:

Baldwin's mother lives in upstate New York, and one of the reasons why she refuses to move to Southern California is her love of Wegmans. Really who could blame her? Wegmans is an integral part of my life as I'm there nearly every week. The proximity to Wegmans was a major factor when we looked for a new home last year. Anyway, back to Baldwin, he appeared on David Letterman earlier this year (see the video below) and shared the story about his mother and Wegmans. Apparently, not long after the Letterman appearance, Baldwin called CEO Danny Wegman and asked to appear in a Wegmans ad as a gift to his mother. Mr. Wegman quickly said yes as I'm guessing that Baldwin was the first A-list actor every to call him about promoting the store.

As you can tell from the videos, Baldwin is clearly not doing this to promote himself or his career. Wegmans is an upstate New York grocery store with some locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. I've never seen a Wegmans commercial in DC, so this must only air in upstate New York. So good for Alec Baldwin, good for Mrs. Baldwin and good for Wegmans!

There's more about these Wegmans ads on The Consumerist. I love reading the comments to know that there are others out there as obsessed with Wegmans as me.


Messiah said...

Did you see 30 Rock last night? Alec Baldwin's eyes were really weird, like puffy/alien weird.

Sean said...

Sorry that I didn't reply earlier, Messiah. I missed 30 Rock Thursday night due to some DVR/Cox issues.