Monday, December 06, 2010

Fancy High Chair

We went to a few baby stores for the first time this weekend. Holy crap am I overwhelmed! I knew that there are cribs, strollers and car seats, but I honestly didn't know that babies need to go in special bath tubs instead of, well, grown-up bath tubs.

Anyway, while walking around the store, we noticed high chairs, specifically the Bloom Fresco Loft High Chair pictured below. Doesn't this look like a barber chair? I don't know how much a barber chair costs, but it's possible that it is less than the $500 cost for this high chair. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing, but I think I'll pass on purchasing this particular product.

Now excuse me as I go stretch my car.


Krista said...

ugh!! I totally missed the "I'm pregnant" announcement! First off, congrats! second, Don't buy the $500 high chair. I've gone through 3 kids with a $20 on that got strapped to a chair from Ikea.

So congrats and I look forward to seeing your bleary eyed self at the mall play area next winter!

amy said...

You don't really need a baby bathtub, at least we didn't. We found it easier to give sponge baths next to the kitchen sink until kids were old enough to sit up on their own in the regular bathtub.

Messiah said...

The baby tubs have some nice no-stick stuff and keep the kid at a nice angle, but a deep sink works well, too.

We ended up having three regular high-chairs at one point, but the strap-ons are much more space-efficient and cheaper, and we had a bunch of those as well, for home and away.

BTW -- one thing we loved was a Baby Papasan. You should do a poll/post to see what your readers loved/hated/found worthless.

Sean said...

Thanks Krista! No, we never considered buying a $500 high chair. Our only comment was that it looked like a barber's chair. Then I looked at the price and decided that it needed to be part of a blog post!

Amy - I'm not sure that our sinks are the best for baby baths, so I think the baby bathtub may sense for us.

Messiah - There's an excellent chance that I'll use my blog for opinions about various baby products. I'll have to look into a Baby Papasan. Plus, no-stick. Who knew that was good for pots and pans as well as baby products?