Thursday, December 16, 2010

1960 World Series Game 7 Tweets

Last night, for the first time since its original telecast, Game 7 of the 1960 World Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees was aired on the MLB Network. The game was shown in its entirety, and the telecast included interviews by Bob Costas of members of the Pirates' World Series championship club including Dick Groat and Hal Smith as well as the Yankees' Bobby Richardson and Michael Keaton (who seemed to ramble on) taped during a viewing of the game at Pittsburgh's Byham Theater last month. It truly was amazing to watch. What was interesting is that there are no instant replays and the only graphic was the name of the batter when he came to home plate.

If you missed the telecast, I am proud to share some Tweets from the folks who write Three Rivers Burgh Blog; Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke; Ngewo's World; Pittsburgh Lumber Co.; Black And Gold Tchotchkes; current Pittsburgh Pirate Joel Hanrahan and me. Enjoy!

@ThreeRiversBlog I hope the Pirates win this game. It would be really good for the city

@seansramblings I demand to see the speed of every pitch. Why don't they have a graphic of this?

@MBandi I hope Mel Allen makes some crack about Dick Groat playing two sports, and Groat flips out and dumps a bucket of ice water on Bob Costas.
@seansramblings I can see Groat running around the locker room yelling "Where's Bob?"
@MBandi "You are a real man, Dick."

@seansramblings WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Home Run for Rocky Nelson. 2-0 Pirates. No fireworks though?
@whygavs John Galbreath is too cheap for fireworks! Sell the team!
@seansramblings Can we blame Nutting for not having fireworks at the 1960 World Series?

@ThreeRiversBlog Wait, this Pirates game isn't in HD?

@whygavs Seriously, imagine if a Pirate stood like that at the plate today. FIRE GREGG RITCHIE! WHAT KIND OF COACH LETS A GUY HIT LIKE THAT?!

@ThreeRiversBlog Is that Lastings Milledge in right field for the Yankees?

@seansramblings From the brief crowd shots, I don't see anyone wearing Pie Traynor throwback jerseys.

@ngewo I just keep looking to see if anyone has an onion tied to their belt...because that was the style in those days

@ngewo i think jamie moyer pitched in this game...

@seansramblings Top of the 4th. Should be about time for the AFLAC trivia question.

@seansramblings A lot of folks trying to bunt for a hit. I didn't realize Kenny Lofton played in this game.

@ThreeRiversBlog Man, a 4-0 lead, not even Sean Gallagher could choke this one away...just get us to Meek/Hanrahan/Dotel

@whygavs Roger Maris! What a bum. 39 homers this year? Total fluke. Never gonna happen again.

@whygavs You only have electric cars in 2010? No flying cars yet? WEAK\

@seansramblings I fell asleep for a few innings. Did I miss the pierogi race?
@ngewo They fired one of the pierogies for talking about ownership at a speakeasy

@seansramblings Who performed the national anthem for game 7? Jeff Jimerson? Donnie Iris?

@ThreeRiversBlog Clemente threw that ball underhand harder than most MLBers do overhand
@ngewo better underhand than doumit overhand, that's for sure

@seansramblings The ground ball the hit Kubek would now be shown on Sportscenter 100 times and sports talk radio would discuss the poor grounds keeping.

@seansramblings Looked like Smith may have gone around on that 1-2 pitch. They totally would have appealed to the 1st base ump now.

@sarah_sprague Not going to lie: Kind of nice not to have replay. Or Joe Buck.

@hanrahan4457 That ball was crushed!!!
@whygavs Mel Allen: "Hal Smith belts one of the most dramatic home runs in the history of the World Series!"
@whygavs Franco Harris is sitting right behind Hal Smith. This is incredible.

@seansramblings Richardson is smiling but you can tell that he's still upset about this game 50 years later.

@seansramblings No AC/DC song to get folks pumped for the 9th inning?

@whygavs The Pirates let Dale Long go for nothing! BingCrosby is cheap! SELL THE TEAM!

@whygavs Seriously, if the Yankees win this game, we’re still talking about that play by Mantle at first today.
@seansramblings Lyle Overbay would have made that double play.
@whygavs Bob Costas is now questioning Mickey Mantle. I repeat, BOB COSTAS is now questioning MICKEY MANTLE.

@ngewo no strikeouts in the game? psh, what kind of weird game is that? i guess mark reynolds didn't play in that one...

@hanrahan4457 That ball was even more crushed!!! Do work #MAZ.

@seansramblings And there was, noooooooooooooooooooooooo doubt about it!

@sarah_sprague Where Have You Gone Bill Mazeroski?

@whygavs Bob Prince's sport coat wins the internet tonight.

@whygavs What a game. Thanks to everyone tweeting and watching tonight. Someday, we'll have one of those to call our own. I hope.

@ngewo to all the bucco fans out there, thanks for making this such an exciting night. who knew it would be so fun to watch a 50 year old game...

@hanrahan4457 Alright y'all, I'm out, fun reliving or seeing the 1960 "game" maz is awesome, thanks @mlbnetwork, on the road tom, see y'all in iowa

It truly would be great to see the Pirates win the World Series again.

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