Thursday, January 21, 2010

TMI Thursday: Clogging Toilets

Welcome to a back to the basics edition of TMI Thursday. Yesterday, I wrote about how we recently moved from Reston. However, when we first moved to Reston, there was about a week when we lived in Reston but still had stuff at the apartment. So in the first day or two at the new home, I clogged the toilet. (I’m sure this is a shocking revelation to many of you!) However, the plunger was still in the apartment. Since we only had one toilet, I had to quickly run over to the grocery store to purchase a new plunger. Actually, I would have had to quickly run over to the grocery store regardless of the number of toilets in the house. Anyway, the grocery store only had one type of plunger, so I was forced to buy this overpriced yet not very solid plunger. Fortunately, it did the job. Naturally, several hours later, we found the plunger in the Reston home.

In case you're wondering, I clogged my first toilet in our new home on Sunday, just six days after moving in. At that moment, I realized that I was home!

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lacochran said...

Perhaps don't use a whole roll of TP per flush. Just sayin...

Travis said...

You didn't have a hanger?


Email me.

I gotta teach you how to use a hanger.

I'm like, the MacGuyver of unclogging toilets.

carissajaded said...

Umm I wanna learn how to use a hanger!!! Sounds useful!

And yay. You poop christened your home!

Brendon said...

Please post the hanger instructions for all of us. I have a plunger, but I'm always willing to try something new.

Sean said...

lacochran - There are times the toilet clogs even before toilet paper is used. I generally perform a courtesy flush.

Travis - I'm intrigued by the use of a hanger. I hope you're using a wire hanger.

carissajaded - Yes I did!

Hand of Godard - I think I'll stick with the plunger, but if Travis shares his hanger suggestion, you can be the first to try it.

Zan said...

I've heard of breaking a new place by having a little bit of the sex, but not by clogging the toilet!

And wire hangers work wonders!

ClevelandPoet said...

nothing like making your place yours with the first drunken whiskey binge


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