Monday, January 18, 2010

I’m Still The Only Person Who

(I’m revisiting a post from September 2008.)

does not own an iPod. (This is still true.)

has never downloaded music or a podcast. (Although I’ve never downloaded a podcast, I have listed to the Bill Simmons Report podcast on Does that count?)

has not seen The Dark Knight. (I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight. I haven’t seen Avatar either.)

does not have Tivo or a DVR. (Effective last Tuesday, I now have DVR! I haven’t quite figured out how it works yet as I botched recording Modern Family last week, but I’m a huge fan of pausing and rewinding live TV.)

does not have a Blackberry, Bluetooth or Blu-ray. I’m sure there’s some other product with a color in its title that I don’t have either. (I don't own a Yellow Submarine either.)

plays Xbox. Everyone now has Xbox 360, Wii or Playstation 3. (I still play Xbox. They haven't made any new games in probably 3 years.)

does not own any type of Global Positioning System. If I don’t know where I’m going, I type in the address on Google maps or call for directions. (Getting lost and then finding the right way to go can be fun!)

New items:

does not have internet on my cell phone. I just started text messaging yesterday!

does not have a High-Def TV. Our current TV is High-Def compatible but apparently it's not compatible with the new cable box.

has not watched 24. Well, I watched parts of several episodes but found them so absurd that I quickly stopped.

Your turn to share/confess.


Andy said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, you're the only person I know who still has a blog that I read.

Archi said...

Congrats on the DVR. I think that is, by far, the most game-changing of the technologies you are (were) lacking.

Do you buy music in any other form? If you don't, then you probably don't really care enough about music to have an iPod. But if you do, you should just start by using iTunes, even if you don't have an iPod. It's a good (and free) way to organize your music, and then you can try downloading stuff.

Archi said...

And...since you asked, I'll respond to each item. ;)

iPod: YES (2006).

Downloaded music: YES (started 2001?)

Dark Knight: Shockingly, YES (2009).

Avatar: NO.

TiVo: YES (2003--pretty early adopter).

Blackberry: NO (but iPhone)

Bluetooth: YES (2008?)

Blu-Ray: NO.

Post-XBox gaming: YES (2007)

GPS: YES (2006).

Internet on phone: YES (Dec. 2008)

HDTV: YES (late 2007)

24: YES (you should try again. Just like any action movie, you have to suspend your disbelief that someone could survive all this shit, but it's a fun show).

Nichole Fisher said...

iPod: yes, but it's a shuffle. I want a classic.

Downloaded music: yes - I started with rhapsody in 2002. Then I used napster for awhile. Since I got the ipod I use itunes.

Dark Knight: Yes, in the theaters when it came out - opening weeken

Avatar: no

TiVo: yes - and I LOVE it. I've had it since 2005

Blackberry: Yes, for about 2 years, but want an iPhone

Bluetooth: yes, but I never use it

Blu-Ray: no

Post-XBox gaming: no - I have a Game Cube though, but I never play it. I kind of want a Wii, but not badly enough to actually spend the money.

GPS: yes! I bought it last September. Such a lifesaver. I love the functionality of finding food or the nearest gas station (helpful on long trips)

GPS: YES (2006).

Internet on phone: yes, when I got my Blackberry

HDTV: no

24: no - I've seen one episode, but I feel like I need to start at the beginning and that's such a daunting task

Archi said...

Also, are you aware that your blog automatically loads that Sidney Crosby video and plays it every time I visit the site? At least on this work computer I'm using. It's kind of weird and at first I had no idea where the sound was coming from.

Sean said...

Andy - I am honored!

Archi - I have already set up my DVR to record Pawn Stars tonight. I may also record HIMYM and Big Bang Theory. I'm getting exciting just thinking about recording the shows! As for how I purchase music, I buy a few CDs each year. That's it.

Nichole (and Archi) - Thanks for sharing!

Captain Easychord said...

I really think you're overselling a lot of this stuff... there just isn't that much conformity out there, even if it seems like there is... I don't know more than one or two people who actually own a GPS unit... I know at least as many people who don't have smartphones as those who do (and I know one person who doesn't have a cellphone at all!)... I know one person who has a blu-ray drive and one person with a bluetooth earpiece...

but that said, not downloaded music?!? are you not tuning in to free music sunday?!? blasphemy!

as for me, I've gotten a television (mostly used as a very large computer monitor) since your last update, but I still don't have cable... I don't have a facebook page... my cellphone is over four years old and handles text messages very, very awkwardly... and also in the last four years, I've been inside a movie theater once (star trek) and it's been about that long since I watched a super bowl...

Sean said...

Archi - It's funny that I never had a problem with the Sidney Crosby video playing automatically...until this morning. I don't know how to stop it, but it should be off the front page in a few days (I think).

Captain - I know a lot of people with a GPS. Yes, I do read Free Music Sunday, but I've never heard of most of the bands. Do you watch movies online?

lacochran said...

iPod: No.

Downloaded music: No.

Dark Knight: Saw it Christmas Day, cause nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like the Dark Knight.

Avatar: No.

TiVo: No.

Blackberry: No (still have my Palm Centro/smartphone)

Bluetooth: No.

Blu-Ray: No.

Post-XBox gaming: I have a DSi, does that rate?

GPS: Yes. LOVE it.

Internet on phone: Yes.


24: No. Don't do Jersey Shore or Always Sunny, either.

Archi said...
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Archi said...


I don't know more than one or two people who actually own a GPS unit...

Yeah, well, Pauline Kael didn't know anyone who voted for Nixon in 1972, and I don't know anyone who likes NASCAR, but that ain't exactly science. ;)

Some recent data:

HDTV: About 53% of American households.

DVR and GPS: Roughly 35%

Texting: About 60% of mobile users.

Captain Easychord said...

@Sean - that's a big part of why free music sunday exists... to bring the attention of casual music fans to excellent artists and songs that they may not otherwise encounter... besides, everyone you know now, you didn't know at one point... and even then, once you've read about 'em on FMS, you most certainly have heard of 'em!

otherwise, the vast majority of my movie-watching is via netflix... mostly from getting actual DVDs, occasionally using their live streaming service...

@archi - thanks for the info... I made a half-assed attempt to find some of those numbers myself... and fwiw, it pretty much reinforces what I was saying about sean's original post... whether "everyone" or "nobody" that you know does any particular thing, has any particular gadget or whatever, it's rarely indicative of the world at large... you are not alone!

Sean said...

lacochran - Dark Knight is the perfect Christmas movie! This past Christmas, I saw Up In the Air; the year before, Benjamin Button.

Archi - I appreciate the stats. Thanks!

Captain - "besides, everyone you know now, you didn't know at one point." That is very wise!