Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fascinating Referral Information

Although this may not be fascinating to anyone else, I think this is pretty darn cool. Here are the top 10 ways people found Sean's Ramblings in 2009 through internet searches primarily via Google and Yahoo:

1. free birthday food
2. fleetwood mac concert review
3. sean's ramblings
4. hamburger helper rice oriental
5. pittsburgh steelers mascot
6. fleetwood mac concert reviews
7. seans ramblings
8. spider pig lyrics
9. dear margo
10. cosi prices

As a comparison, here are the top 10 ways people found Sean's Ramblings in 2008:

1. Jenna Bush wedding plans
2. CVS Coupons
3. spider pig lyrics
4. Pitt football schedule 2008
5. free birthday food
6. Jenna Bush wedding
7. hamburger helper rice oriental
8. top songs of the 2000's
9. sean ramblings
10. top songs of the 2000s

What we've learned is that there has been an increase in the amount of people seeking free birthday food and Hamburger Helper's discontinued flavor, Rice Oriental. In addition, while few people care about Jenna Bush's wedding anymore, folks crave Fleetwood Mac concert review(s). Spider pig lyrics are also down.

Finally, Sean's Ramblings received the most hits from the following cities in 2009:

1. Pittsburgh, PA
2. New York, NY
3. San-Ch'Ung, Taiwan
4. Washington DC
5. Reston, VA
6. London, United Kingdom
7. Arlington, VA

Pittsburgh makes sense since I was born and raised there and often write about Pittsburgh sports. New York makes sense since it is the biggest city in the country. Washington, Reston & Arlington makes sense since I live and work in this area and am proud to be part of the DC blogger community. San-Ch'Ung even makes sense since I'm a superstar in Taiwan! However, I have no idea how London fits into my top 6. Therefore, thanks to everyone in London (and everywhere else) for visiting and reading. If there are any regular London readers, please leave a comment to say hello.


Marc said...

Damn, I was really hoping Ann Arbor would crack the top ten this year. I'll start posting fliers around town.

Sean said...

Marc, it looks like you have some work to do in Ann Arbor. Although I only posted the top 7 cities, Ann Arbor didn't finish in the top 100. If it makes you feel better though, Ann Arbor was slightly ahead of Cincinnati, Toronto, Salt Lake City & Buffalo.

Perhaps the solution is for me to write non-stop about Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez. That should increase the Ann Arbor hits significantly!