Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Links and Videos

My titles are so original! Although many of these links are old at this point, I still think they are worth a read.

* If you know a couple in the Washington DC area that can really use a romantic dinner prepared by a fantastic cook, enter RR's contest by January 26th. [Restaurant Refugee]

* Lance Zeirlein is the son of the recently fired Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive line coach Larry Zeirlein. He has some interesting thoughts about the Steelers and his father's recent termination. [The Z Report h/t Mondesi's House]

* Bram is only a few days away from closing down The Pittsburgh Comet. [The Pittsburgh Comet]

* The winner of the 1st Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog contest shares ideas about what to do with the Civic Arena after when the Pens move to the new arena. [The Pensblog]

* Rizzo interviewed Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner. [Rizzo Sports Blog]

* The Jersey Shore girls attended a Kings hockey game. [Puck Daddy]

* I mentioned this before, but NPR named someone that I have known since high school (Sarah) as 1 of their 10 Of Our Favorite Pop-Culture Humans Of 2009. []

Here's a brand new Yinz Luv 'Da Guins:

Did you know that Gillian Jacobs of Community (she plays Britta) is from Mt. Lebanon? She talks about Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh accent at around the 5:30 mark of this interview with Craig Ferguson:


Update: One more link courtesy of my brother. Not surprisingly, Woodland Hills is the top WPIAL football factory. Go Wolverines! [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

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