Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

I'm typing this on Sunday evening in one home, but when this is posted on Tuesday morning, I'll be living somewhere else. Doesn't that blow your mind? Maybe not. Anyway, this is one of the more difficult editions of Trivia Tuesday. Given the main characters and authors below, your challenge is to name the books.

1. Uriah Heep, Charles Dickens

2. Injun Joe, Mark Twain

3. Dunstan Cass, George Elliot

4. Roger Chillingsworth, Nathaniel Hawthorne

5. Madame Defarge, Charles Dickens

6. Iago, Shakespeare

7. Captain Queeg, Herman Wouk

8. Morris Townsend, Henry James

9. Inspector Javert, Victor Hugo

10. Becky Sharp, William Makepeace Thackery

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section and do not use the internet to search for answers. Hopefully I won't lose the answers to this during the move or else I will use the internet to let you know whether or not your answers are correct. Good luck.

This quiz is courtesy of Stump Trivia.


Anonymous said...

2. I think is Tom Sawyer
4. The Scarlet Letter
5. Tale of Two Cities
6. Othello
7. Its not Mutiny on the Bounty, but a similar title. The something or other Mutiny
9. Les Miserables

lacochran said...

4. The Scarlett Letter
7. The Caine Mutiny

Congrats on the new place! I hope it's fantabulous!

restaurant refugee said...

Congratulations on the new place, consider my not leaving a string of embarrassingly wrong answers an early housewarming present.

Brendon said...

This is way over my head. As far as I'm concerned, Uriah Heep is a band.

Sean said...

I don't have the answers with me (I think I know where they are), but I promise to give them by tomorrow.

RR - Thanks for the congrats message!

Sean said...

Between setting up internet access and losing the questions, I apologize for the long wait in providing answers.

1. David Copperfield
2. Tom Sawyer. Christian is on the board.
3. Silas Marner. I've never heard of this book, but someone told me it may be the worst book ever.
4. Scarlet Letter. Lacochran & Christian are correct.
5. Tale of Two Cities. Christian takes the lead (if there was a lead to be taken).
6. Othello. A wonderful board game too!
7. The Caine Mutiny. Lacochran gets the square. Christian earns partial credit. If he answered Pepsi, he would have also received partial credit.
8. Washington Square
9. Les Miserables - Christian earns the win!
10. Vanity Fair

This was a tough one, so I'll try something easier next week. Thanks for playing (or not playing) and for the comments!

Hand of Godard - I think Uriah Heep IS a band!