Thursday, January 22, 2009

TMI Thursday: A Picture

While I didn't become Prime Minister for the day while I was in Ottawa (apparently, they understand what coup means in French), I did become a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Here's proof:

(I'm the one on the left.)

Yes, this is a pretty weak TMI Thursday, but I figure sharing a picture of a grown man with the RCMP bear is worthy of a TMI post.

As usual, check out Live It, Love It for all of your TMI Thursday needs.


rachaelgking said...

You know you're a 'merican when all you can see there is Smokey the Bear.

Happy TMI Thursday!

Gilahi said...

Looks like Yogi & Boo Boo to me! I'll let you decide which on is you.

lacochran said...

I always thought it was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police... Does this mean there was no mounting involved?

Sean said...

D'oh! Yes, it is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I guess that's why I'm back in the US and no longer a member of the Mounted or Mountain Police.

Good calls on Yogi and Smokey. At least it's not Teddy Ruxpin!