Thursday, January 08, 2009

TMI Thursday: The Secret Life

Some people have not been happy with my recent TMI Thursday entries involving my bathroom experiences. Therefore, I’m going to reveal something a little cleaner although probably more embarrassing. As a football fan, I obviously planned on spending all of last Sunday watching the NFL playoffs. I rooted for my second favorite NFL team to defeat the Ravens, but the Dolphins were unsuccessful. Then, I watched the beginning of the Philadelphia Eagles-Minnesota Vikings game. However, part-way through the first quarter, something happened that I never expected.*

During a commercial break, I went into the other room to see what my wife was doing.** She was watching a show on a station called ABC Family, which before Sunday, I would never be able to find. I caught a few minutes of the show, and went back into the living room. During the next commercial break, I flipped back to ABC Family, and as the afternoon continued, I ended up watching a marathon of the show’s first season and flipping to the football game during the commercial breaks. The show: The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I admit it; I’m hooked on this show. I created a Rock of Love 3 fantasy league, but didn’t even watch Bret Michaels and company because I was watching The Secret Life. (VH1 will never air the show again, so how will I ever get caught up with the bus adventures?) On Monday night, as soon as the Rangers scored the empty net goal against the Penguins, I switched to ABC Family to watch the season premier. I haven’t been this into a drama since Lost or the first season of Heroes. And yes, I know that I'm 33.

The basic premise of The Secret Life (I think) is that a 15 year-old high school student got pregnant and everyone else in the show seems to be in a relationship or wants to be in a relationship with another character, both the teenagers and the adults, and then they rotate to a new person. Maybe that’s not the best explanation. Here’s a description from the ABC Family:

Amy and Ben are just your normal high school couple, except she's having a baby (and it's not his). Super-Christian Grace thought she and Jack were for keeps, but then he cheated on her with wild-child Adrian. This threw Grace into the arms of bad-boy Ricky (the father of Amy's baby). As secrets and scandals begin to surface at Grant High, will they bring the students and their families together - or tear them apart?

I missed the first few episodes so I don’t know how Ben and Amy got together or why he stayed with her after he found out that she’s pregnant with Ricky’s baby. Amy’s friends are also the worst friends a person can have.

OK, before you really make fun of me, I want to make a few points in my defense. The Secret Life features a pretty good cast including Steve Schirripa (aka Bobby Bacala), Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson, and Josie Bissett. Plus, I may have a new celebrity crush: Francia Raisa.

Finally, the ABC Family marathon included thousands of commercials for the Anne Hathaway-Kate Hudson movie Bride Wars. I think I’ve seen the entire move already. Plus, a brilliant move by First Response to advertise during this show.

Your turn. Are there televisions shows that you watch but are ashamed to admit liking?

* I’m trying to add suspense. Is it working?

** Proof that she’s not a football widow. Of course, the Steelers weren’t playing this past Sunday.


rachaelgking said...

"Are there televisions shows that you watch but are ashamed to admit liking?"

Oh, honey... ain't enough time in the day to list them all.

Kevin said...

Happy 4 year anniversary. :) What a fitting post for your anniversary. I saw the previews for the show it didn't catch my interest, but after this, I might have to check it out. Last night, I wasted my time watching 13-Fear is Real on CW. Now you talk about a waste. BTW, good taste in celeb crushes. :)

tiny350Z said...

I'm hooked on Degrassi on The N. My DVR records every single episode. It's a pretty hard-hitting teen drama (there's some sarcasm there). They've touched on, date rapes, gonnorhea, stripping, chlamydia, cocaine, three different cancers... you get the drift.

It is huge that I admit this, b/c only one person at work knows... I'm too embarrassed to tell other people.

Brendon said...

"Are there televisions shows that you watch but are ashamed to admit liking?"
None that are on TV anymore. (cough, Dharma and Greg)


Sean said...

LiLu - In that case, what shows do you watch that you admit you like?

Kevin - Thanks for the anniversary message. I had no interest in the 13 Fear show. As for my celebrity crush, she looks even better in the show. In case you were wondering, even though Francia plays a high school student, she is 20. When I looked at her Wikipedia page a few days ago, it said that she was engaged to one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance (the guy is 34). That's not there anymore.

Tiny350Z - I don't even know The N. Is that Nickelodeon?

Hand of Godard - There's still reruns of D&G out there!

tiny350Z said...

The N is apparently a new network owned by Nickelodeon with shows specially for teens.
What can I say... I still look like a teenager?

Anonymous said...

my god that is so sad. i can't believe i owe you money.