Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Links

Are you sitting around waiting for the football games to start? As I’m writing this, there’s still over 7 hours until the Steelers-Chargers game begins. Ugh. Well, here are some links to help you pass the time.

The New York Times has been busy writing about Pittsburgh this week with articles about how Pittsburgh thrives after steel, Dick LeBeau and James Harrison.

(h/t to Dan for the first two articles & Mondesi’s House for the third.)

Dave Siegel provides a guest post on Live It, Love It after meeting the beautiful Padma Lakshmi. (If you’re reading this from work, it’s probably PG-13)

I watched part of the Florida-Oklahoma college football game on Thursday (I refuse to call it the national championship because there is no such thing in Division I college football) and was amazed how announcer Thom Brennaman talked about Florida QB Tim Tebow. I’m surprised that Tebow hasn’t cured cancer or stopped global warming yet. Deadspin puts it better than I do.

Going Five Hole found a video of Mike Lange promoting the Advantage Van for Cliff Heath Ford. I remember the Bendick Olds advertisements, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Cliff Heath Ford. Are they still in existence?

Three River Sports, a relatively new blog on the Pittsburgh sports scene, ranks all of Dave Wannstedt's games as the coach of Pitt. Not surprisingly, the Sun Bowl game against Oregon State a few weeks ago didn’t make the top 10.

There are still spots available if you want to join my Rock of Love 3 fantasy league.

Finally, the Bloggeration Ball is only a week away. Although I’ll be out of the county/area, this sounds like a great event, so I encourage you to attend.

Go Steelers!

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