Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return

Hi there. I’m back from my week-long hockey road trip which took me to games in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto with stops in Rochester and Buffalo to see friends. While I was away, I heard that there was some type of celebration in DC and a sporting event in Pittsburgh. I was without television or internet throughout much of the trip, so I’m not sure if these are just rumors by a Canadian conspiracy group.

Anyway, I’ll write a lot more about this year's hockey road trip and the Steelers going to the Super Bowl over the next few days. In the meantime, here are some questions that I hope you can answer (let’s call this trivia Wednesday):

1. What is the status of Hines Ward?

2. Did anyone go to the inauguration? If so, how was it? (You are not allowed to say that it was cold. The temperature yesterday afternoon in DC was at least 30 degrees warmer than Montreal.)

3. How was the Bloggeration Ball?

4. Did you know that Jock Callander is on the Stanley Cup?

5. What can I do with $3.50 in Canadian change in DC?

6. Why did I buy a copy of Monday’s Toronto Sun newspaper?

7. True or false: I enjoyed seeing the Andy Warhol exhibit in Montreal with dozens of loud, French-speaking middle school students?

8. True or false: Canada has exotic businesses called Starbucks, Costco and Sears.

9. True or false: The 2009 AAA Ontario tourbook says the following: Baseball fans can see the Ottawa Lynx, the AAA farm team of the Montreal Expos, play April to mid-September at their stadium, Lynx Stadium.

I had a great trip, but it’s good to be home.


Brendon said...

5. Give it to a homeless person
6. In case you run out of toilet paper
8. True, but they're pronounced with a funny accent

Anonymous said...

1. Say's he isn't missing the Super Bowl
2. No, but I had friends that had tickets that waited in a mass of people for 6 hours and never moved. Missed the whole thing.
5. You are in the Nation's Capital, I'm sure you can find someplace to get it converted!
8. I'm going to say True, but they are rare. Canadians love their Tim Hotons and Second Cup.
9. Also True, although. After '94, most people in Canada didn't know the Expos were there and probably didn't notice when they left.

Sean said...

Thanks Hand of Godard & Paul. I guess I'll share my answers:

1. Thanks

2. Apparently, about 2 million people went.

3. Apparently, less than 2 million people attended but a good time was had by all.

4. I probably knew this in 1992 and forgot.

5. Are there any Canadian homeless people in DC? I'm not sure I want to go through the trouble of actually trying to exchange it for $2.50 American.

6. There is a picture of Santonio Holmes on the cover.

7. I enjoyed the exhibit but not the kids.

8. I'm trying to say Starbucks in a French accent.

9. True, although the tourbook is from AAA in the US. Actually, I'm not sure how people noticed that DC has a baseball team.