Friday, January 09, 2009

Canadian Road Trip

Let’s say that you are taking a road trip to Canada with stops in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Where would you go in each of these cities? The reason for this post is because I am taking a road trip to Canada with stops in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. What a coincidence!

I attended a wedding in Montreal almost 10 years ago, but don’t remember much about the city besides taking a river cruise and visiting the William Shatner Center at McGill University. I’ve never been to Ottawa, and figure that since I’m there, maybe I can be Prime Minister for the day. Toronto is one of my favorite places, and I plan on visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame on this trip since I’ve never been there before.

I’m heading to these cities as part of my third annual hockey road trip and will be attending NHL games in each place. Besides the hockey games, I’m looking for suggestions of things to do. Therefore, please feel free to add any suggestions about things to do and see in the comments section below. In addition, I’m also looking for ideas about places to eat/drink in each city, preferably near the arenas.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

There is (or was) a (not particularly) great little strip club in Montreal called Sexe Mania. Rumor has it Larry walker used to hang out there when he played for the Expos.

I have no idea where it is, other than if you get completely lost and accidentally drive over the Jacques Cartier bridge a bunch of times, you'll find it.

lacochran said...

I couldn't get past "Let’s say that you are taking a road trip to Canada with stops in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto." This is how every junior high math problem started! Ack! Flashbacks!

Brendon said...

1. Make sure you wear a Penguins jersey everywhere you go. The locals are all big fans.
2. In Montreal ask anyone you meet to speak English.
3. Anytime something is announced in French at the game in Montreal, lean over to the person next to you and ask them what was said. The locals are always happy to translate.
4. In the Hockey Hall of Fame ask them why Mario doesn't have as big a display as Gretzky.

Archi said...

Damn, Gobo beat me to it! Though he failed to mention the "You been here four hour! You go now!" buffet.

Also, Olympic Stadium/Park is really ugly, and unless I'm misremembering, you don't need to see any of it.

Anonymous said...


In Montreal, make sure you start speaking English from the get go, so they know you don't speak French.

Take a trip down to Old Montreal. It's a pretty cool area. If you can, find Molson Dry. It's REALLY good, and VERY strong.

By the way, the subway is very easy to manage.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it was almost 10 years ago we were in Montreal. We also walked around Old Montreal (there was some sort of street fair?) and went to a jazz club.

BTW Jason Muscant lives in Ottawa now.

Sean said...

So far, well, not so much help, although Sexe Mania sounds like the perfect place for a vacation!

Hand of Godard - I will use all of these suggestions as well as make fun of the way Canadians say out. I'm sure they will all go over well.

lacochran - I promise no math quizzes here!

Paul - Thanks for the Old Montreal suggestion.

Amy - The wedding was in 2000, so that does count as almost 10 years now. I forgot about the jazz club. I did try to contact Jason, but I never heard back from him.