Friday, January 02, 2009

Rock of Love 3 Fantasy League

Fantasy football is over and the baseball doesn't start until late March or early April. Therefore, I need to have some kind of fantasy league to occupy my time. Thankfully, Rock of Love is back with a third season. OK, thankfully may not be the right word, but the third edition of Rock of Love starts this Sunday. So I have created a Rock of Love 3 Fantasy league titled "Why is There a Third Season?" If you are interested in playing and watching this train wreck, please feel free to join. Actually, you don’t even need to watch.

To play the game, you select three characters for your team each week and get points based on a list of items including:

2 points for getting drunk
5 points for refusing to leave the bus
1 point for saying ‘bitch’
4 points for sleeping with Bret
-7 points if eliminated

To view the group, click on this link.
To join, click on this link.

Good luck and have fun!

Update: So Fafarazzi sucks. When someone tries to enter, and I click accept to allow them into the group, I receive a message with a green check mark that says that the person has been denied. After three attempts at this, I'm done. I guess I'll have to read more books or something instead of another fantasy league.

Update #2: Todd from Fafarazzi apologized and said they are fixing the bug today. For now, ignore the first update and let's see how this works. Feel free to join, but make sure you do so before 11:00am on Sunday morning.

Update #3: The show doesn't actually start until Sunday night, so feel free to join by 9:00pm tonight.

One more update: There are still spaces available, so if you want to join, click on the link above.


rachaelgking said...

Ah, well, let me know if you get it working- I wouldn't miss Rock of Love for the world!

Sean said...

LiLu - I just posted another update. We'll try it and see what happens. Feel free to sign up!

To anyone else who may see this, once you sign up (and I approve you), you can choose your three characters by clicking "Main Game Page" on the left side of the group page.

Brad said...

God Bless us all