Monday, January 08, 2007


My life-long dream was fulfilled today when I was featured in the Express's Blog Log! I'm famous! This ranks just below my national TV appearances in The Price Is Right audience and in the background of ESPN's Sportscenter when Darius Kasparaitis was being interviewed after scoring the game-winning goal in Game 7 of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Buffalo Sabres 2001 playoff series.

If you want to see Sean's Ramblings in print, go to page 36 of the January 8, 2007 Express.


Anonymous said...

1. The Express is HUGE. 36 pages?! Wow.

2. I'm so pleased to share publishing experience with a blog as famous and well-written as Sean's Ramblings. Congratulations Sean - that's freaking COOL.

Messiah said...

Wow -- That's not just a mention, you've got the whole blow up just to yourself. Impressive

Sean said...

To quote Bartles (or was it James?), thank you for your support! Seriously, thank you.