Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thank You Australia

It is 5:16 am Eastern time, and I am wide awake. Therefore, I want to thank ESPN for showing live coverage of the Australian Open. Everything else on TV is infomercials, so it's nice to be able to watch a live sporting event. (James Blake just looked great in a three-set win over Robby Ginepri.) I also want to thank Australia for being many hours ahead so that I could watch this live sporting event. Just wondering...can (and do) Australians watch live NFL or NBA games in the middle of the night?


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Australia I'd like to say, "you're welcome."

Since I don't have cable I don't watch NFL or NBL games. The NFL night games usually happen in the morning here, but since very few people follow American football (we have four codes of footy in this country which are much more interesting than NFL!) or basketball and a whole lot of us have no cable whatsoever, I suppose the answer is no. Most of us don't get up to watch NFL or NBL.

But we do watch the Olympics (Winter and Summer) in the middle of the night when it's being held in your neck of the woods.

So there's your answer!

(Oh, and I'm watching Schneider and Molik battle it out at the moment. GO AUSSIE GO!)

Sean said...

Thanks for the answer.

Unfortuantely, ESPN stopped the live tennis coverage at 6:00am so I missed anything after Blake's match.

By the way, what are the four codes of footy? If it has anything to do with Australian Rules Football then it sounds good to me. Whenever I see one of these games on TV, I always stop to watch. I don't understand the rules or the scoring system, but it's great to watch. I've never told my wife this (I guess she'll read this soon enough), but whenever we visit Australia, we're going to a game.

Anonymous said...

All the Aussies are out of the singles matches in the open :(

The four footy codes are: Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Football League (AFL - Aussie Rules) and Soccer. AFL is fantastic to watch because it's fast and the ball is a slippery little bugger.

And I guess you had to get sleep sometime - damn ESPN! LOL!