Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vote Early and Vote Often

If you have watched any NFL games over the last few weeks, you have probably seen the commercial to vote for the "Pitch Us Your Idea For The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously" contest. It turns out that one of the 12 finalists from the over 10,000 entrants is an Ithaca College graduate. Gino Bona, class of 1995, is choice #5 and is currently in second place. I don't personally know him, but as a fellow IC grad, he's got my vote and hopefully you'll vote for him too. Click on this link and vote for Gino. You can vote once per day from now through Tuesday. The winning pitch may be made into a Super Bowl commercial.

I do personally know Hershey and the voting for the Dog Show USA contest has been extended. As of Friday, Hershey is in the top 10 for her group. Please click on this link and click on the 5th out of 5 stars for Hershey Sans Almonds in Herndon, Virginia. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

This post was excerpted in the Express blog log this morning -- are you psyched?

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice to see a fellow Ithaca alum quoted in the Express!

Sean said...

IC class of '97 - I am also IC class of 1997. If you read this again, send me an e-mail at