Monday, January 29, 2007


Earlier today, the world learned that Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was euthanized. Many people saw the video or watched live when Barbaro shattered his right hind leg during the Preakness. I think most people thought he would be euthanized immediately after the race, but somehow Barbaro survived until today. Barbaro’s death led tonight’s ABC World News. When I write that this story led this newscast, I mean that there was a full four minutes of coverage. Barbaro, not the Iraqi battle in Najaf, the Scooter Libby trial or the opening of a $50 million Army rehab center, led the news. I don’t want to sound cold, but Barbaro is a horse, right? Art Buchwald, the newspaper humor columnist who died a few weeks ago, did not get nearly as much coverage. Can anyone explain to me why this is such a big deal.

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