Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trip to the Pharmacy

This may be a shocking revelation based on the title of my post, but I went to the pharmacy at my grocery store recently to drop off a prescription. I had a fancy patient savings card that allowed me to save money on the prescription. So I handed the card to the pharmacy technician, and she noticed that there was a sticker on the card meaning that the card probably wasn’t activated. So I called the number on the card, but after about two minutes, my cell phone lost reception. The technician was extremely nice and allowed me to use their phone since it was a 1-800 number, but the process to activate the card was painful. I had to verify that I lived in the United States but not Massachusetts. Apparently, the prescription card people don’t like the Red Sox and Patriots. I had to verify that Medicare wasn’t paying for the prescription. I think I even had to verify my SAT scores.

Unfortunately, the process to activate the card took nearly 20 minutes. The prescription was ready by the time I completed the call, and I hadn’t even started my grocery shopping yet. I went to check-out only for the technician to inform me that the prescription cost was $9 less without the fancy card. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

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