Thursday, October 27, 2011

Get Your Washington Capitals Playoff Tickets Today

Although today is only October 27th, with the Capitals at 7-0, apparently it’s not too early to think about the NHL playoffs. Clearly the Capitals are going to finish the season 82-0, comfortably win the Southeast division and Eastern conference and earn the Presidents' Trophy. Therefore, I received an e-mail today from the Capitals yesterday with the subject, "Secure Access to Face Value Caps Playoff Tickets Today." Here's what the message said:

Mr. Ramblings (not my real last name),

Back by popular demand, the Caps have formed an official partnership with OptionIt, offering fans who are not Full Season Ticket Holders a safe and secure way to access to a limited number of face value tickets for ALL POTENTIAL HOME PLAYOFF GAMES.

The e-mail continues with the advantages of OptionIt and a link to their website which shows this as one of its rotating images on the front page:

I do like how the e-mail discusses tickets for all potential home playoff games. Based on recent history, that could one or maybe even two whole playoff series!

This is now my second Washington Capitals related blog post this week. Who knew that I was becoming a Caps blogger?

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