Monday, October 03, 2011

Six Months of Fatherhood

I recently passed the six-month mark of being a father which has been a wonderful, tiring, and life-changing experience. Since I don’t feel like writing about the Steelers today, I figured that I’d share my recent experiences of fatherhood.

- At the six-month check-up, my boy weighed 16 pounds, 11 ounces and his height was 27 inches. This corresponds to the 37th and 72 percentiles respectively. My driver's license, an official legal document, states that I am 5' 7". Therefore, I am extremely excited that my son has a chance to be relatively tall.

- I am very fortunate to have a fairly easy baby. He has slept through the night the majority of the time since about 4 months. He has a great demeanor and is a happy kid. Both the doctor and the nurse at the recent appointment commented on his positive attitude. He also regularly smiles.

- For the most part, the only time he is unhappy is when we take his bottle away to burp him. I guess he doesn’t like us interrupting his meal. Of course, I can’t really blame him since most people would cry in this same situation.

- Wondering how my son and Ziggy interact? When my baby sees Ziggy he smiles and makes noise. Although Ziggy likes to be around us, he keeps a safe distance away from my child. Of course, he likes most of the new toys and places to sleep.

- The itsy bitsy spider is a big hit in our household. He lights up when the song begins. Personally, I think my hand-motions of the spider climbing up the water spout are magical. Seriously, I would dominate an itsy bitsy spider competition,

- I am not the primary bath giver in the household. In fact, up until last week, I had only played the supporting role in giving my son a bath. So in my first experience giving my son a bath, he welcomed me to this role by pooping in the bathtub for the first time.

- Have I mentioned that I have a very cute child? I realize that I’m biased but I have a really cute kid. In fact, former White House correspondent Helen Thomas even told me that I have a cute kid.

- When I need to dress my child, I take whatever is on the top of the drawer. I know he has other clothes in the closet but for all I know they are too big or too small. Basically, my policy is that he’s going to wear only what is at or near the top of his drawers.

- My son loves putting anything in his mouth, and while his hands are his usual choice, his favorite toy is Sophie, the all-natural teether. When you wash Sophie, she loses her squeak; however, it is always fun to see how Sophie gets her squeak back.

Just like a team in the NCAA basketball tournament, I have survived the first six months and now advance to the next round!

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Nichole Fisher said...

Congrats on six months. And you do have a seriously adorable kid.