Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Ramblings

Trivia Tuesday will return next week, but I hope you enjoy this post which is all over the place.

On the final play of Sunday’s Steelers-Jaguars game, Jacksonville QB Blaine Gabbert did a play-action fake to his running back even though everyone in the stadium and watching the game knew that the only option was a Hail Mary pass attempt. Why even pretend that you’re going to run?

At a birthday party this weekend, a two year-old kid walked up to my 6 month-old son and slapped him on the head. I was stunned and really had no idea how to react. I think my son had no idea how to react either though he was unfazed. The mother of the kid ran over to scold her child but didn’t offer nearly the apology that I thought was necessary. To paraphrase Larry David, I thought it was a S*!t apology.

I’m not going to identify this person by name, but I need to call out an individual in one of my fantasy football leagues. This guy started Titans RB Chris Johnson and the Kansas City defense this week even though both teams were on a bye. When I asked this person who I have known for 33 years why he started these players, he said that he didn’t have time to visit the league website this week. He also didn’t even know that his team won last week (beating me). Why even play fantasy football (in a pay league no less) if you don’t have three minutes to change your line-up each week?

Speaking of fantasy football, I went 0-4 this week meaning that my teams are now 3-3, 2-4, 1-5 & 1-5. This is by far the worst I have ever done in my 12+ years of fantasy football. Fortunately, I finished 2nd in my 12 team fantasy baseball league this year, tied for my best finish in approximately 20 years in that league.

I planned on writing more, but this is all that I have right now. It's difficult to write when you fall asleep in the middle of typing.

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