Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Seans' Ramblings

When I started this blog 6+ years ago, I planned on using as the website address. Unfortunately, someone named Sean from Oxford, Mississippi already had this domain name, so my website address is missing the "S" in Sean's (well, the 2nd S). The other Sean's blog titled The Don has now been dormant for over five years. Even though The Don is gone, I wondered if there were other Sean's Ramblings out there. Here's what I found.

- Galactic Watercooler is "the friendliest people in Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comics." One of the founders of this site is a guy named (wait for it) Sean, an award-winning commercial artist who works in print media and television. Sean and another guy Chuck built the Viper Simulator featured in Popular Science. I have no idea what this means. Chuck and Sean also built the Real Guitar Hero Controller shown on I don't really understand this either. However, Sean has his own blog on Galactic Watercooler named Sean's Ramblings. He's been slacking on his blog the last few months, but he's done significantly better than The Don.

- On the completely opposite side of the blog world is this Sean's Ramblings. Although the title is the same, this Orange County, California blog focuses on "Satomi's cancer updates and a bit of self therapy." This truly is a heart-breaking blog. Sean has been the primary care-giver for his cancer-stricken wife, Satomi, and their young daughters ages 4 & 6 since 2007. Sadly, Satomi lost her fight with cancer on March 14th. This blog is extremely powerful and at times sad, but also honors Satomi's life and you can tell the love that Sean has for his wife.

- I feel awful trying to follow the Orange County Sean's Ramblings with this video titled, you guessed it, Sean's Ramblings. The lesson here is just because you create a video, it doesn't mean that you need to post it on YouTube. There are a few swear words, so it may not be suitable for work. It's probably not suitable for anywhere unless you don't mind wasting a few minutes of your life.

- Sean's Oracle Technology Ramblings hasn't been updated since May 2007.

That's all I found. Since there haven't been any new posts on the Sean's Ramblings portion of Galactic Watercooler and Satomi's Cancer Blog in about three months, I think that I have the only active Sean's Ramblings blog. Hooray for me! If there are other Sean's Ramblings out there, please let me know.

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