Thursday, June 23, 2011

You're Welcome Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins recently won the Stanley Cup by defeating the Vancouver Canucks in game seven of the NHL finals. There was great celebration throughout the land. Of course, in this case, the land means Boston unless you consider the rioting in Vancouver as a celebration. Anyway, most analysts attributed Boston's victory to the excellent goaltending by Tim Thomas, Vancouver's inability to score on the power play, and Boston's overall toughness and balance. In reality, all of the credit should go to me. You're welcome Boston!

Last April, I attended a Bruins game in Boston as part of the annual hockey road trip. Since it was the last home game of the regular season, the Bruins rewarded fans by distributing these rip-off Terrible Towels.

I enjoy keeping memorabilia from these hockey trips, so the Bruins towel sat in my closet for the past year until just a few weeks ago. With Boston down in the series 2-0, I gifted the towel to a colleague who is a Boston native and a Bruins (particularly Steve Heinze) fan. Boston then won four of the next five games to win the Stanley Cup. Therefore, once again, you're welcome, Boston!

Oh, in exchange for my generosity, can you arrange for the Boston Red Sox to blow a few games in the upcoming series against the Pittsburgh Pirates? That doesn't seem like much to ask. Thanks in advance.


hizes said...

Terrible towel? Don't you mean Limp Yellow Rag? With bahston winning the cup, it's obvious that the end of the world is near.

Sean said...

Well, the limp yellow rag is a way to describe Boston's towel. The Terrible Towel used for the Steelers is good description of the yellow cloth.