Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Trivia Tuesday: Music Edition

This is a brand new Trivia Tuesday that I created myself. Enjoy!

1. In Summer of 69, who are the two people who left Bryan Adams' band (one quit, the other got married)?

2. What did Jack and Diane suck on outside the Tastee Freeze?

3. Name a song by the band The Hooters. (Please note that while I'm sure that the group has more than one song, I only know one Hooters song.)

4. What song which features the line "your love fits me like a glove" was part of a create a video contest on MTV?

5. Name the best Bangles song.

6. Name the 2001 song and/or group that used a sample of Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen and even included a brief cameo of Nicks in the video.

7. Who sings the 1980 song Into the Night (and then re-released in 1989) which features the opening line "She's just 16 years old. Leave her alone, they say."

8. Who sings the 1986 hit Your Love featuring the opening line "Josie's on a vacation far away. Come around and talk it over."

9. Name the song title that includes the lyrics "I tell you one and one makes three" and incorporates refences to Joseph Stalin and Ghandi. Please also name the artist.

10. Name two bands that will perform at Celebrate Fairfax this weekend (June 10-12).

As always please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet for assistance. Actually, you can use the internet, particularly the Celebrate Fairfax website, to answer question #10. Good luck!


nichole said...

1. jimmy and joey

2. chili dogs

3. and we danced (?)

4. I feel like I should know this and can't put my finger on it

5. If She Knew What She Wants

7. I know the song, have no idea who sings it

8. Know that song too - again, no clue who sings it

I wonder if it's my memory or a hallmark of the 80s that I know a lot of these songs, but can't remember who sang them

Harvey Izes said...

1) Jimmy & Joey
2) Chili dog
3) And We Danced
4) .......
5) Hazy Shade of Winter (although it's a remake)
6) .....
7) Benny Mardonis (HA! Thought you stumped everyone didn't ya?)
8) The Outfield
9) .....
10) Bangles, Third Eye Blind, Leg Warners, Jack Diamond Band

Mr. Brame said...

9. "The Cult of Personality" by Living Colour

Amy said...

5. Eternal Flame

Sean said...

Thanks to Nichole, Harvey, Mr. Brame & Amy for participating. It looks like we have all of the answers except #4 & #6. Here are some hints:

The artist for #4 is one of the biggest female artists ever (particularly in the 80s) and the song title is used by an airline for their frequent flyer name.

#6 - The group itself was huge in the early 2000s, but one of the members has had a solo career that is even bigger.

By the way, I think I agree with Harvey that The Bangles' best song is Hazy Shade of Winter.

Amy said...

#6 - Destiny's Child/Beyonce. I love that Bootylicious samples that song.