Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It’s time to vent. I recently won an iPad. Hooray! I’m so happy that I won this product rather than spending several hundreds of dollars to buy it. I can’t turn the thing on. Apparently, I need to download iTunes on to my home computer and then connect the iPad to my computer. Why is this necessary? Name me another fairly expensive product that you can’t use unless hooked up to another product.

Anyway, I have been unable to download iTunes. I consistently receive a message that "the installation of Quick Time did not complete successfully. iTunes requires Quick Time." I’ve tried downloading Quick Time separately but that has also turned out to be unsuccessful. Therefore, the iPad is doing a wonderful job of serving as a paperweight. I could have gone outside and found a rock that would have been just as useful. Angry Birds will have to deal with Angry Sean!

Today is the second day of summer. Hooray! I have a sinus infection. Boo! Being sick in the summer is no fun.

When I called to set up an appointment with my doctor, I learned that he left the practice a few weeks ago. Shouldn’t your doctor give you notice when he/she leaves?


Jason Spiegelman said...

Id be happy to discuss buying your IPad....

lacochran's evil twin said...

Maybe your firewall doesn't like QuickTime?

Sorry your life sucks.

Sean said...

Jason - You're now the third person who offered to buy the iPad without offering any assistance. Maybe I should auction it off.

Lacochran - When you put it that way, my life really isn't that bad. I just wanted to vent. Isn't that what my blog is for? That and trivia!