Thursday, June 02, 2011

Random Ramblings Plus Links

If you happened to see a previous version of this post, you can thank Ziggy for stepping on the keyboard and somehow publishing this before I was finished.

- Why is it that whenever I burp my child, I end up burping myself?

- Speaking of burping, when my child burps, everyone cheers. If I burp, people stare and wonder what's wrong with me. This is a problem with society.

- We're almost finished with season four of Dexter, and season five isn't available yet on Netflix. Any recommendations on what to watch next? We're thinking about Arrested Development or Breaking Bad.

- Which Smiley Cookie is a statue and which one is the mascot? [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

- Washington Redskins' WR Anthony Armstrong is spending the lockout as a volunteer youth soccer coach for 7 and 8 year-olds. [Washington Post]

- This could be the greatest children's book ever! [NPR]

- It's been fun following Nichole's 30-day song challenge. Day 6 = Bust a Move by Young MC! [Long and Winding Road]

Finally, ABC newscaster and Ithaca College graduate David Muir gave the commencement address at our alma mater.


nichole said...

Glad you like some of my song choices :)

Ngewo said...

the one on the left is the statue...damn, The Place That Shall Not Be Named, shows up everywhere...

Sean said...

Nichole - I've really enjoyed your 30 songs challenge.

Ngewo - What's your story about the place that shall not be named? I'm a big fan. Should I not be?

Ngewo said...

Haha, I work for them. when i first started writing my blog, the director of HR called me and told me that my website came up on one of their searches and he did not think it was befitting of a manager to have pictures of half naked girls followed by a story about my work place. he said i could keep writing anything i wanted, but just not mention that i work for them. so if you notice, none of my social media has anything about where i work.

and yes, continue to enjoy the place that shall not be named, keep buying cookies please, i need a raise.

Sean said...

That makes sense Ngewo. I'm a big fan of the place that shall not be named and always pick up Smiley cookies when I return to the 'Burgh.